Westline Civil is a dedicated provider of quality stormwater drainage solutions that are value for money and exceed client expectations.

Westline Civil has extensive experience in the supply and installation of stormwater drainage infrastructure.

We offer a full range of stormwater drainage services including:

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design Installation (WUSD)
  • On-site detention/ retention systems (ecoAID & Stormtech systems)
  • Installation of concrete soakwells
  • Drainage extensions
  • Concrete, HDPE, PVC and GRP pipework
  • Box Culverts
  • Stormwater basins, swales and bio retention
  • Gross Polutant traps and water quality treatment devices
  • Sub Soil drainage
  • Sump Conversions
  • Stormwater/rain water harvesting systems
  • Stormwater pump stations and pressure mains.

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